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Phase 1

  • Fairlaunch on Uniswap

  • Marketing with reputable influencer

  • Launching NetCloud Bot (BETA)

  • Launching NetVPN App (BETA)

  • Launching NetGPU Dashboard (BETA)

  • Participate in NVIDIA Inception Program for Startups

  • Participate in Google Cloud for Startups Cloud Program

  • Exchange Listing

  • Exploration of new services in AI Infrastructure and Privacy Services

Phase 2

  • Adding decentralization features to NetCloud services

  • Support payment using $NAO Token on NetCloud services

  • Launching NetCloud Dashboard

  • Adding decentralization features to NetVPN services

  • Support payment using $NAO Token on NetVPN services

  • Adding decentralization features to NetGPU services

  • Support payment using $NAO Token on NetGPU services

  • Exploration of new services in Rent Services

  • Developing native AI Chat Bot

  • Deploy Ethereum Node to learn basic EVM Bytecode

  • Deploy Polygon Node to learn the basic Polygon CDK in AI development APP Chain used in Net Tensor

  • Deployed a Bittensor Node to learn the basics of decentralized LLM and leveraged the Bittensor API to integrate into the AI App Chain used in Net Tensor.

Phase 3

  • Building AI App Chain compatible with EVM Bytecode based on Polygon CDK

  • Using Bittensor API as a base Decentralized LLM on AI App Chain and using common APIs such as OpenAI and Hugging Face to accelerate AI features on Net Tensor

  • Allowing native coins like $TAO to cross the bridge to Net Tensor for developers building dApps on the Net Tensor network

  • another part of phase 3 will be added soon

Next Phase will be updated

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